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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Nostalgia Sekolah Kebangsaan Kampung Batu (SKKB)

Di bawah lambang harapan
Ilmu Suluh hidup
Azam menuntut pelajaran
Sehingga mencapai kejayaan
Tinggikan mutu berilmu
Agar hidup bahagia
Abadi sekolah terpelihara
Mulia sekolah diutama
Hormat kepada guru semua dan juga ibu bapa
Selamat sejahtera
Sekolah kekal selamanya...

Hi guyz....

Do you still remember all of your memories during your premier school? I guess you might remember just for certain thing only. But can you believe that i still remember a lots of memories during my first day in school hahahaha...

When i was in standard 1, my father was send me to school by his motocycle. i still remember the shape and the figure of that motocycle hahahaha.. My father was an army, he use to send me to school before went to his camp. My school was nearby to my father's camp actually. Sekolah Kebangsaan Kampung Batu was my first school. The school is in Jalan Ipoh Kuala Lumpur. Guyz, guess what, i wasn't cryin' during my first day in school. Ho ho ho wo wo wo!!!! Just see the brave of me masa tu kannzzz hahahahaha.. Unfortunately, after couple of weeks, a brave man was cryin' la pulak... You know why? I'm so scared with my Math teacher. If i not mistake her name was Pn. Indra, an Indian old woman huuhuhu... I have no idea why i started to cry when facing with her. Maybe her face was so freak opsssss hehehehe!!

I still remember the environment of my oldies school. The main entrance was so cool beb.. You know why? It's like a jail main entrance tau.. and it's infront of main road. So its quite dangerous for us. Besides, the school had a very wide green field jugak.. Tak tau masa tu luas atau tak sebab mata kita masa dulu2 tengok macam tersangatlah luasnya... But now, the field is dissapear and turn to be a building in the school.

Nak dijadikan cerita, i searched for this school in Facebook. Praise to God! I found this schools's badge and just click "LIKE". What on earth!!!! i saw many of ex-students from this school had join this Fanpage. I went through to their discussion board and i noted that they had created some issues. One of the issues that i noted was at below:

Well.. felt so happy sangat2 coz i found several of my ex-classmate when i was in standard 1. Even they did'nt recognize me at all but we can always keep in touch from now on. We also can change our memories during in SKKB...

Orait fellas.. have something to do... hope we meet on the other entry..
Take care and be good..


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